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Guest Post: A Homeowner Contractor in Coral Gables

Hi Blog Readers, this is Ashley’s assistant Lillian taking over for today’s post and for a few more in the coming weeks. If you do not know me then you do not know that I am renovating my house right now (and if you do know me then you know that the renovation is pretty much all I talk about – sorry!). Because I live in Coral Gables this renovation requires permitting and inspections, so I thought I would write a little bit about the process as I live it.

First things first, I am remodeling reluctantly. You see, I had a hot water pipe burst in my master bathroom, and I am using this as an opportunity to update a functional but ugly space. My bathroom is also rather small, so I am expanding it, creating a new powder room, and redoing my closet during the whole process – why not go all in, you know?!

While working with an architect and designer to maximize what little space I actually do have, we started talking about the Gables permitting process and both of these professionals suggested that I go through it as my own “homeowner contractor,” which is not as scary as it sounds. No, I am not jackhammering my floors or doing finish work, as a homeowner contractor I am simply responsible for getting my permits, providing the actual contractors’ licenses, and scheduling necessary inspections. My architect and designer suggested that I go this route because it would save me some money (did you know that contractors charge 20% or more to do this for you?!) and some time.

So far, I’ve submitted my plans to the building department, received my permits, and just today went to file my notice of commencement. It has been very easy working with the City’s permit counter, and they have really held my hand through the process: they consistently explain each step and tell me what I need to look forward to and/or bring to City Hall on my next visit. Plus no one has made fun of me for showing up to the building department in a preppy sundress instead of paint-splattered overalls or whatever else you’d expect a real contractor to wear!

Right now I have a building permit in my front window, a dumpster in my driveway, and walls of plastic sheeting hanging through the house. Demolition begins tomorrow at 8:00am sharp, and I look forward to giving you an update at the time of my first inspection – I will have to call my friends at the permit desk to see when I need to schedule that!

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Luxury Miami Real Estate

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