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What is Happening at Matheson Hammock?

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Lately whenever I drive past Matheson Hammock park on a nice weekend day, I have noticed that there is a line of cars and trucks waiting to use the boat ramp. This is not just a line of one or two people, rather it actually stretches out of the park and onto Old Cutler. It is not great for traffic, to say the least! Plus, it must be frustrating for those people who are trying to enjoy a day on the water, as I have seen them get out of their cars, hang out by the side of the road, then race back and rush into the facility upon learning that they can launch their boat.

Having witnessed this queue coming out of Matheson Hammock during recent weekends, I became curious as to why it was happening. Is one or more of the park’s ramps shut down? Are they restricting the number of people who can use them? What is going on?

My first step was a Google search. I looked at the park’s own website, I hunted for news about it, I just Googled “Matheson Hammock,” and I found nothing. Hoping for more results, I broadened my search to terms like “Coral Gables boat ramps,” and “Miami boat launch,” still to no avail. Coming up with nothing online, I did something that my kids would never do: I called the park! What I learned is that there is absolutely nothing wrong! In fact, the man who runs the marina said that if I wanted to put my boat in before 9:30 on a sunny Saturday, then I would likely not have to wait at all to do so. He explained that there are just more people with boats now, and they tend to start their weekend days around 10:00 or so, so Matheson Hammock’s ramps become jammed later in the morning.

Knowing that there is no problem, I am actually happy for the traffic jams that people waiting to use the boat ramps at Matheson Hammock can cause (well, as happy as I can be about any sort of a traffic jam). It means that people are enjoying every aspect of the community in which we live, from the public parks to the stunning bay. Like I see so often on Instagram, #welivewhereyouvacation, and how wonderful for us!

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Luxury Miami Real Estate

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